Your Chakras and Corresponding Herbs

In aligning your bodies and creating balance in your life, it is important to think about ways to live healthy.  Our chakras each serve a different purpose, as the energy centers of our body that act as bridge between universal energy and our physical body.

Herbs can help energize and cleanse our chakras to restore balance.  Try drinking different herbal teas to help with this.  I’ve put together a list of each chakra and it’s corresponding chakra below:

Chakra 1 - located at the base of your spine deals with issues of survival. It is easy while living in this planet to get caught up in work frenzy and leading a hectic life. Red raspberry leaf fosters recognition of playtime and living a balanced life.

Chakra 2 - is located below your navel and relates to areas of sexuality and emotions. Wood betony is an herb to help relax and balance this chakra.

Chakra 3 - involved with controlling outcomes in your lives. It’s located in the navel area. Marshmallow root relaxes the third chakra and softens personal desires to control your life. This is a good herb to take when you feel powerless in controlling certain situations.

Chakra 4 - located in the heart area. Hawthorne berries can help you trust in the process of life and encourage you to feel safe in following your heart.

Chakra 5 - area of your will and is located in the throat area. It has to do with communication and expressing your desires. Red clover blossoms assist in allowing a free flow of self-expression.

Chakra 6 - known as your third eye and it is the area of intuition. Eyebright helps you to honour the lessons that all of life brings to you.

Chakra 7 - also known as the crown chakra. It is your area of accessing divine wisdom. Lavender flowers help in opening up this chakra.

You will find that these in tea or tincture form are helpful and will restore balance in the body.  It is all natural and creates equilibrium between the mind, body and spirit.